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Extensive application skills of the skills of the pump impeller laser welding ma

release time:2019-04-25   Views:   source:Shanghai Ebel Technology Co., Ltd.

The welding skill of the pump impeller laser welding machine is a summary skill that integrates laser skills, welding skills, automation skills, data skills, mechanical production skills and product design. The ending is not only embodied in a complete set of special equipment, but also embodied in matching skills. . As an important part of leading production skills, laser welding machine skills have a broad application prospect in the aviation production industry in the future. The development direction of laser welding machine skills mainly includes the following aspects:

Laser marking machines can be widely used nowadays because of the advantages of laser marking machines, which are environmental protection, precision processing and power of laser marking machines. Laser marking The machine can be loved in more professions because of these advantages.

The water pump impeller laser welding machine usually does not fill the welding wire, but there is a high demand for the installation gap of the weldment, and it is sometimes difficult to ensure it in practice, which restricts its application scale. The use of filler wire laser welding can greatly reduce the demand for installation gaps. For aluminum alloy plates with a plate thickness of 2mm, if filler wires are not used, the gaps in the plate must be zero to achieve excellent forming. For example, if φ1.6mm welding wires are used as filler metals, the weld can be ensured even if the gap is increased to 1.0mm. Outstanding shaping. In addition, the filler wire can also adjust the chemical composition or perform multi-layer welding of thick plates.