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Application and fault detection of laser welding machine for water pump impeller

release time:2019-04-25   Views:   source:Shanghai Ebel Technology Co., Ltd.

The processing technology of the water pump impeller laser welding machine is to use the characteristics of the interaction between the laser beam and the material to cut, weld, surface treatment, perforate, micro-process the material (including metal and non-metal), and use it as a light source to identify objects. Door technology, the largest field of traditional application is laser processing technology. Laser technology is a comprehensive technology involving multiple disciplines such as light, mechanics, electricity, materials and testing. 1. Laser processing system. Including lasers, light guide systems, processing machine tools, control systems and inspection systems. 2. Laser processing technology. Including cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, scribing, micro-engraving and other processing techniques. The power inspection of the pump impeller laser welding machine is mainly to observe whether the temperature rise of the compensation transformer and the voltage regulating transformer is normal, and whether there is overheating and discoloration of the coil. Whether the contact of the carbon brush is normal, monitor whether the output and input voltage are overloaded, etc. It is also necessary to check whether the electrical contacts are damaged, whether it needs to be replaced and repaired, whether the movement process of the column-type voltage regulator transformer is flexible, whether the carbon brushes are intact, and replace the damaged carbon brushes in time. If burns and carbon brush powder appear on the coil, it needs to be polished with fine sand and the dust is removed in time. Every three months, it is necessary to remove the dust and dirt from the various parts of the voltage stabilizer. In addition, check whether the chain transmission system is working properly, add oil to the sprocket, adjust the tightness of the chain, and check whether the carbon brush holder is tilted or stuck. If found, it should be adjusted.