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Wide application of laser welding machine technology for water pump impeller

release time:2018-09-17   Views:   source:Shanghai Ebel Technology Co., Ltd.

Water pump impeller laser welding machine technology has been widely used in foreign car manufacturing. Research on ultra-thin plate welding, such as foils with a thickness of less than 100 microns, cannot be welded, but it can be welded by YAG laser welding with a special output power waveform. Success shows the bright future of laser welding. Japan has also successfully developed the YAG laser welding for the maintenance of steam generator thin tubes in nuclear reactors for the first time in the world. In China, Su Baorong and others have also carried out laser welding technology for gears.

The water pump impeller laser welding machine has been widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the microelectronics industry. Due to the small heating concentration and low thermal stress in the heat-affected zone of laser welding, it is showing unique advantages in the packaging of integrated circuit and semiconductor device shells. In the development of vacuum devices, laser welding has also been applied, such as molybdenum Focusing electrode and stainless steel support ring, fast hot cathode filament assembly, etc. The thickness of the elastic thin-walled corrugated sheet in the sensor or thermostat is 0.05-0.1mm, which is difficult to solve by traditional welding methods. TIG welding is easy to weld through, the plasma stability is poor, and there are many influencing factors. The laser welding effect is very good and has been widely used Applications.