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Process data verification engineer

release time:2019-04-02   Views:   source:Shanghai Ebel Technology Co., Ltd.

description of job

1. Responsible for the preparation of process data for concrete station, dry mixing station, machine-made sand, environmental protection station installation, and external packaging materials.

2. Responsible for installation and packaging process standard cost estimation and accounting.

3. Develop and revise the responsible process data compilation standards.

4. Investigate and analyze the market unit prices of labor, cranes and shifts across the country.

job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering, civil construction, machinery, electromechanical and other related majors; familiar with machinery, hydraulics, and electrical knowledge.

2. Proficiency in using Word, Excel CAD and other application software and common statistics and analysis tools.

3. Have more than 5 years of field technology or related work experience.

4. Being upright, responsible, hard-working, with strong analytical skills, writing skills, communication and coordination skills, and teamwork awareness.

5. For those who have work experience in installation and external packaging products, the job requirements can be appropriately reduced.